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Kewlox furniture is built from a patented assembly system, basically made up of wooden and steel pieces that slide one in another to form a structure. This structure is then dressed up with panels of the materials required. All these spare parts are available in thousands of standard dimensions which allow us to make millions of combinations to satisfy your needs.

Solution Oriented

Some furnishings require the research of specific technical solutions. Where our standards solutions are not sufficient, we’re also able to look for the best answer to your needs and to work custom-made in short times. Our specialized workshop is used to design strong and reliable applications for private individuals or companies, schools, administrations, hospitals, …


With a range of more than 30 materials and colours, there’s no way you can’t find the tone that suits the best to your interior. As it is also easy to remove and change some panels, the Kewlox furniture provides the best alternative to follow your tastes whenever you feel the need to refresh it.


As we always built the structures of our furniture with the strongest raw materials, we dare to guarantee them for life. So, if any spare part of this structure broke, we would replace it for free, so you can be sure your furniture will last for long. Easy to adapt with other materials or colours, your cabinet can also stay fashionable without the need to be entirely replaced.


Deeply concerned about environment, we are continuously making improvements to our processes and products to make them the most eco-friendly. Our factory has a near to zero carbon footprint and the design of our furniture is thought to make it last a lifetime so that you should never throw it away. Moreover, the wood we work with is PEFC and FSC certified, which means it comes from responsibly managed forest. We are still studying other means to push this commitment further.

Kewlox Premium

Top of the range of Kewlox products, it combines both class and strength of a structure made of stainless steel and aluminium. This high precision custom-made furniture provides the best technical solutions with an incredible robustness as well as an uncluttered and unique design. Aesthetic, practical and perennial, the Kewlox Premium® furniture applies to the most demanding customers.

Our Company

Established a few kilometres from Namur in Belgium, our company has been founded in 1959. This more than fifty-year-old system made our furniture a real design institution in its homeland. Through the decades, continuous improvements in quality and researches of new materials allow it to remain fashionable everywhere it goes. Today, you can also find Kewlox furniture in The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxemburg.Visit the manufacturer’s website