BeCommerce states that its member may carry the BeCommerce quality label.

This means that Kewlox respects the BeCommerce Label Code and its Internet sales site has been certified by the independent audit organisation, Bureau Veritas Certification Belgium SA. Kewlox was certified for the first time May 6, 2013. Kewlox offers at least the 6 following guarantees:

1. Know with whom you are doing business and how to easily make contact with the company

You deal with:

Maurice Le Clercq et fils – KEWLOX SA/NV
Company address:
Rue Sainte-Anne 7
5310 Leuze (Eghezée)

Phone Number:


Web Adress:

Chamber of Trade No :
BE 0403179807

VAT No :

Member since:

2. Terms screened by Test-Achats

3. Security & Privacy 

4. Period of reflection: 14 days

5. Pay securely

6. Independent mediation of complaints


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Carine Moitier Patricia Ceysens
Managing Director
President of BeCommerce