Furniture for the living and dining room

”Kewlox drew my attention because of it simple and pure approach. The many finishings and affordable price, made my choice definitive.

I really appreciate the freedom this system allows: you can pick and mix your own configuration, choosing the exact look and size you need.

We have two items in our living room; an open shelf and a lower cupboard with sliding doors.

The shelf marks the transition between dining room and living space, and we use it to display nice objects, magazines and toys for our little boy.

The lower shelves are easy to reach, making it perfect to store his toys and books.

He also knows his way around the other cupboard as well, showing that the system really is very intuitive and well-made. We’re already thinking it would be fun to move these pieces to his own room later.

Johan Van Hengel
Products and furniture designer, Rotterdam

I used the online configurator to create our pieces. Very convenient, because I didn’t even have to leave the house to see all options. Afterwards we went to pick up our order in the showroom in Antwerp, not far from Rotterdam.

As a designer, I really liked to mix and match my own item. It shows that the system is very well thought-out. The quality is superb, the price is right, the furniture is solid and looks great: I’m very happy!