Shop and factory

Rue Sainte-Anne 7
5310 Leuze (Eghezée)
T: +
F: + 

Opening hours 

Monday                10.00-18.00
Tuesday                10.00-18.00
Wednesday          10.00-18.00
Thursday              10.00-18.00
Friday                   10.00-18.00
Saturday              9.00-18.00
Sunday                 Closed

Looking for storage furniture near Namur?

Go to your store and factory Kewlox in Namur with your projects to get a complete, personalized and free quotation.

Order your cabinets, bookshelves, display cases, bookcases and modular wardrobes, and get hem delivered to your home or pick up your furniture at this point of sale.

You can also pick up for free in this store the items you ordered from our webshop (delay: 8-10 days).