MIST Collection

design by Julien Renault

A Belgian design icon, Kewlox storage cabinets are based on an ingenious assembly system, enabling multiple and timeless configurations. The exclusive MIST collection designed by Julien Renault has been added to the range. By considering the framework to be like a window frame, the designer reveals simplicity of the system by using textures and transparent glass. Overprinted, the cabinet reveals the image and colours of the objects which it contains.


1B – H55 cm (usable H 37 cm) x L80/160/240 cm x D42 cm

1BS H45 cm (usable H 37 cm) x Width 80/160/240 cm x Depth 42 cm

2B – H96 cm (usable H 37 cm) x L80/160/240 cm x D42 cm

3B – H137 cm (usable H 37 cm) x L80/160/240 cm x D42 cm

4B – H178cm cm (usable H 37 cm) x L80/160/240 cm x D42 cm

The framework of the MIST collection uses the standard Kewlox assembly system. However, the framework is supplied preassembled. The cross pieces are made of painted aluminium and the angle brackets are made of steel.

Black (RAL 9005)

The doors, sides and back are made of textured glass for closed compartments.

The lower shelves are black for all models.

For models that are entirely open (without doors, sides and back) it is possible to choose internal shelves in textured glass.

Open level

Level with doors

The upper shelf is made of textured tempered glass only for cabinets which finish with a closed level. Levels without doors use black upper shelves.

Adjustable from 12 to 14 cm.