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Do you need a practical cabinet that doesn’t take up much space? Kewlox is the solution!

A cupboard with sliding doors has numerous advantages. It only uses up estate that is straightly necessary. What’s more, the lack of hinges make some very practical because this avoids a lot of issues with adjustment.

Kewlox cabinets offer a lifetime guarantee, as each compartment can bear up to 80 kg. The materials used are very robust and 100% recyclable. Kewlox also has a green attitude and advocates respect for the environment. Each cabinet is manufactured from wood which comes from PEFC-certified forests.

At Kewlox, every cabinet is customizable

Each room in your house is different, that’s why Kewlox cabinets have been designed to adapt to every ambience in your interior.

The same piece of furniture can be found in all the rooms in the house (in the hall, under the stairs, between the fireplace in the window, in the bedroom or in the office…)..

Kewlox furniture is delivered in compact packages. Find out how big the packages of your order are.


We were looking for furniture to fill a four-metre wall in our living room.We also needed a lot of space to store toys for our children, space to store my vinyl discs and furniture to put our TV on and we found Kewlox….


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