How is Kewlox furniture assembled? It’s very easy.

To assemble your furniture, first sort out the parts and identify the finishing cross pieces by the “Kewlox” stamp which can be found on their ends.

Then carefully apply paraffin wax to the ends of the wooden cross pieces to facilitates the assembly and dismantling of the furniture.

Before starting assembly, likely tighten the bottom of the angle brackets (by giving them a light tap with a hammer or by tightening with pliers) in order to lock the parts in the angle brackets, this will enable you to move your furniture without it getting disconnected.

Then refer to the guides below to build your furniture. We advise you to use a white rubber mallet (a tiler’s mallet) or a wooden mallet. If you use a hammer, don’t forget to use a piece of wood in between so as not to damage the furniture.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate tocontact your advisers in-store, who will be delighted to help you.

Assemble your furniture yourself…

If you feel at ease with our furniture, that’s perfect! Kewlox has been designed to make life easy for you. Its assembly is ultra-simple and does not require any particular skills, specific tool, screws or glue. All the parts slot into each other easily and are held by the four metal angle brackets (vertical posts).

or get us to do the assembly!

If you would like us to take care of the assembly of your furniture, our team of professionals can do this and will place your assembled furniture where you want it. Depending on the furniture and the layout, assembly will be carried out at our workshops or at your home.

Assembly brochures

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