Do you need cabinet to store your vacuum cleaner?

Store your vacuum cleaner, brushes and other space-hungry cleaning equipment which are in your cellar or laundry room in an orderly fashion.

Kewlox wardrobes have large storage capacity, which can even be increased by removing the lower shelves.

There are several possibilities for this:

1 Select a lower shelf that is less wide.

Create your wardrobe with a lower compartment with the required dimensions (e.g. 100 cm wide), then replace the lower panel with another that is less wide (e.g. 52 cm wide).

2 Remove the entire lower shelf.

Build your wardrobe or covered with a lower compartment and remove the shelf during design.

3 Cut the lower shelf to the nearest millimetre.

For specific cases, we cut the lower shelves of the furniture to measure, and in this way your objects will be incorporated perfectly into the cabinet.