How to assemble your
Kewlox furniture?

Assembly requires no nails, glue or screws. Watch the assembly in a few steps on video:

The first steps

1. Set aside the top crosspieces

2. Identify the reinforced crosspieces (if your cabinets has them)

3. Sort the bottom crosspieces

4. Paraffin the crosspieces

5. Insert the wooden feet into the corner profiles (if your cabinets has them)

6. Place the aluminum feet into the corner profiles (if your cabinets has them)

7. Insert the crosspieces into the corner profiles

8. Place the mount distance pieces in the corner profiles

9. Slide the panels into the distance pieces

10. Insert the first shelf

11. Close the first compartment and repeat the previous steps

12. Place the last cross pieces of the cabinet

13.Place the cabinets without scratching the floor

14. Install the shelves

15. Install the doors

16. Place the adjustable feet (if your cabinets has them) and level the cabinet.

17. Level the cabinet with the supplied spacers

Variant: Shelves, columns and cabinets without doors

Identify and place the cross pieces

Variant: Cabinet less than 27 cm high

Install the shelves

Variant: Compartments for wardrobes

Install the locking triangles

Fitting the wardrobe rail

Fitting the wardrobe doors

Variant: Wall mounted cabinets

Assembly of the wall mounted cabinet

Fix the cabinet to the wall

General overview

Summary of the concept*

*This video shows an overview of the system. For a complete assembly, see the previous videos.

How do I mount the accessories?


Assemble drawers with knobs on the front

Assemble drawers with handles on the front

Assemble the drawers with slats on the front

Place the reinforcements

Place the supports, then the drawers

Castors base

Place the castors in the base


Insert the slot locks (if your cabinet has them)

Install the rack and pinion locks (if your cabinet has them)

Install the cylinder locks (if your cabinet  has them)

Assemblly your Kewlox as a pro...


Dismantling wedge

Kit hammer + wedge

White replacement head for hammer

Grey replacement head for hammer

Assembly brochure

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