Kewlox, the sustainable furniture

Our furniture is designed and manufactured entirely in Belgium, which means there is a short network between production and the consumer. Since 1960, Kewlox has developed with its time whilst favouring local employment..


Kewlox has made a commitment for the sustainable management of forests and fight against deforestation. Our company has been PEFC-certified since 2009 as are all our wood-based furniture and products.

Forests sustainably managed

The wood used for the manufacture of our furniture comes from PEFC-certified European forests.

All our wood-based products are 70% PEFC certified.

This label guarantees:

A tree cut down = a tree replanted.
The safeguarding of wild flora and fauna.
The protection of indigenous populations.
Respect for workers and local employment.

We must consume PEFC!

Eco-friendly manufacturing plant

Since 2001, our factory has been working on improving its energy efficiency. Furthermore, the system for recycling all our raw materials and electronic management of the various electrical systems have allowed us to drastically reduce the environmental impact of our manufacture.

Spare parts and lifetime guarantee

Furniture frames are guaranteed for life and our spare parts are available individually. Unlike other furniture manufacturers, all you have to do is replace the part necessary, rather than the complete item of furniture.

Robustness and dismantling

With its unique system, Kewlox furniture is designed to be hard-wearing. It is also simple to dismantle them and assemble them again in the event of a house move, or changes in your interior.

Formaldehyde emissions

Kewlox respect the strictest standards (E1) regarding formaldehyde emissions and are well ahead compared to competitor furniture. Furthermore, with comparable dimensions, the emissions are 4 to 6 times less.

100% recyclable packaging

The packages that make up your Kewlox furniture are wrapped in a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film. This material is 100% recyclable, which means that with 100 grams of this packaging you can make 100 grams of new product.

Simply take them to the recycling center or container park in your municipality to ensure recycling.