1. Versatile and customisable

Kewlox offers more than 10,000 possibilities combinations of dimensions, colours and accessories per compartment, enabling each customer to put together a unique piece of furniture.

Cabinets can be combined to create sets: walls, kitchens or even staircases….

What’s more, when each centimetre counts, you can have your cabinet made to measure with millimetre accuracy.

2. Made in Belgium

All our furniture has been made in Belgium since 1960.

In our factory, close to Namur, Philippe cuts the cross pieces, Max does the angle brackets, Alain packages the furniture and Luc serves customers.

For raw materials, we deal directly with wholesalers, which avoids additional costs for customers.

There is no doubt that it is this formula which has contributed to maintaining the quality of our products over the years.

3. Timeless design

Kewlox is a unique concept which goes against the world trend in terms of furniture (quickly consumed, quickly replaced). It is based on an ultra-simple system, which doesn’t require glue, nails or screws. Its framework has a lifetime guarantee and its design, which is quickly identifiable, is timeless.

What is more, Kewlox furniture can be reused because it is assembled, disassembled and converted very easily.

The sliding door system, which never goes out of fashion, means that everyday storage space is optimised..

Which explains why this design, devised in 1960, has kept up with the times and continues to arouse enthusiasm.

4. Solid manufacture

Simple in design, Kewlox furniture is very robust. It can support 80 kg per level.

What is more, Kewlox is the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime guarantee on the framework of its furniture. There is still furniture in Belgian households which dates from 1960.

5. Eco-friendly process

Kewlox furniture complies with the strictest standards (E1) in terms of formaldehyde emissions. The wood used comes from PEFC-certified European forests.

Our factory is “green”, that is to say that it pursues an energy efficiency program.

This involves recycling all raw materials and electronic management of the various electrical systems in order to drastically reduce the environmental impact of the plant.

6. Service

Kewlox offers individuals and professionals a complete service to ensure the success of each project:

Expert advice from specialists from design, delivery, assembly to spare parts in stock… Kewlox takes care of everything!