The history of a Belgian design icon

Through its clean design and its intelligence system which endures over time, Kewlox storage furniture has become an icon in itself.

An icon of Belgian design for more than 50 years, Kewlox storage furniture is based on an ingenious assembly system. This can be summed up as four steel angle brackets which hold solid beech cross pieces and distance pieces to create a solid framework that is guaranteed for life, the assembly of which does not require any glue or screws.


Mr Kewley, an English engineer, designs an assembly procedure which enables pieces of wood to be locked, using steel angle brackets. He therefore added the start of his name to the principle of his system: Kew-lock. And to be more universal, the name was simplified: Kewlox.


Maurice Le Clercq acquires the operating licence and starts to produce the first Kewlox.


Kewlox wins the gold medal at the Salon des Inventeurs (Inventors Trade Fair) and its place in the Museum of Modern Art.


Le Clercq & fils becomes Kewlox s.a


Kewlox develops its network into the Netherlands, then extends into France and Germany.


Acrylic appears (transparent acrylic glass) in 20 colours.


Kewlox is elected a “Success Story” by Wallonia Design.


In January 2017 werd het oorspronkelijke logo opnieuw ontworpen met de ontwerper Julien Renault: een terugkeer naar de oorsprong en een lichte relifting van het merk die het verschil maakt.