Thomas and Maureen moved to a new home in the centre of Ghent a few months ago. After the birth of their daughter, they could use some extra space. Thomas also recently started creative agency Hartstikke, making the most of the new office space.

A constant in the interior are the Kewlox cabinets: you’re sure to find one on every floor. A consequence of a good upbringing, as Thomas’ grandparents were among the first customers at the very beginning.

“Both my parents and grandparents made good use of the Kewlox cupboards in their homes. The models they bought at that time are still there, which proves that the cabinets can stand the test of time”.

Being French, Maureen doesn't know the brand, but she is very happy with her husband's contribution to the furnishing of the house. “We’re both real fans now,” she says enthusiastically. Their interior is a mix of reclaimed Kewlox and purchased new Kewlox. When their daughter was born, Thomas' parents gave them a piece of furniture that is ideal as a changing table, both in height and width. A piece of furniture on which Thomas himself was even changed when he was a baby. “I’m so happy to be able to say that this cabinet is as old as I am,” Thomas says proudly. “We bought new doors because the old ones were worn out, but otherwise it wouldn't show that the cabinet is almost 30 years old and has already been removed several times. The last one to be changed there was our daughter's godmother. It’s still beautiful, isn’t it?”

Thomas and Maureen are not afraid of a little colour either. Bright orange, royal blue, green, … They use the Kewlox configurations to bring some colour into the interior. The refreshing colour combinations and light furnishings create a playful atmosphere and turn their new house into a real home.

Thomas and Maureen
Hartstikke's founder, Gent

Kewlox was not the first brand that came to mind when decorating his own home, but when re-discovering the brand Thomas was quickly convinced: “You can find at least 20 combinations at my parents’ house. All white and brown models, because there wasn’t much choice in the past. As a child I found the cupboards quite boring, but when I discovered the configurator on the website that allows you to put together your own combinations in all shapes and colours, I really fell in love with the brand”.

In the meantime, Thomas even sees himself as a bit of an ambassador, and has already been able to convince a lot of friends. 

“I don’t understand why people would buy an IKEA cupboard if there is a beautiful and affordable Belgian alternative.”

That Kewlox appeals to them, is clear in every room. In the children’s room there’s also a dresser for children’s clothes, in the kitchen an orange combination serves as a pantry, and in the living room the large bookcase is a real eye-catcher, with plenty of space for books, comics, games, … But the real collection of the house can be found in the attic, where Thomas has his office space. In order to show off his impressive Lego collection, they chose a display case in which the finished constructions can be seen, yet are protected from gripping children’s hands.