When Xander and Marie discovered the possibilities of Kewlox, they were immediately sold. Meanwhile, they have 3 compositions in their collection, and they’re sure their choice will last for years. “We knew Kewlox from office furniture, but after some research we saw that there are so many ways in which to use it,” explains Xander. 

“The simple system, the fast assembly, the Belgian quality and the beautiful and timeless look: we were not going to pass up on that.”

“Our flat used to be the warehouse of a shop. We wanted to keep the rough edges as a base, but contrast it with warmer materials. The Kewlox cabinets fit in perfectly with that style, which is why we couldn’t stick to just one,” says Xander. “My favourite is the light blue low cabinet on castors,” he adds. “It serves as a game cupboard, and it matches really well the poster above, which was made by Marie’s grandfather, who was a graphic designer. We are already sure that it will find a nice spot wherever we live.”

Both thirty-somethings work as content creators, Marie as an editor for various television programmes and Xander as a director and photographer. At the beginning of the year they moved into a new house in the heart of Mechelen, with a view of the iconic Rombouts tower. The industrial loft turned out to be the ideal place to bring out their personal style.

In the bedroom, Xander and Marie chose Kewlox as well, picking 2 bedside tables: “We wanted to keep the furnishings here simple and quiet, hence the choice for beige. Bedding, books, magazines, pillows, … already provide enough colour, and the cabinets keep the surroundings a bit calmer.”

“For the green cabinet, we went for the drawers. We didn’t know that was possible at first, but the result is really beautiful,” Marie continues. Here, they chose soft green, a colour that also returns in the rest of the living room. They opted for a sideboard in 2 parts, again with a view to the future.

“Here, the 2 cabinets fit next to each other, but later we can easily take them apart. Handy!”

Xander and Marie, content creator, Malines
Photo: Xander Desmet