"I’ve always loved Kewlox as it’s one of the classic pieces in Belgium’s design history. As creative director responsible for the brand’s image and positioning, it was important for me to have the items be part of my daily life, both at home as in my studio."

"I love the straight-fowardness of the concept, and the efficient construction which allows a multitude of combinations because of the ingenious simplicity. Moreover, it’s an affordable, solid piece of furniture that can evolve over time, adding or removing parts, or renewing older components. Even though the original design is over 60 years old, it is still as relevant and timeless as ever. When buying Kewlox, you know you’re also buying a piece of history."

"In this long set, I store documents, folders, as well as my drawing notebooks and samples of materials and other prototypes. As the piece of furniture faces my desk, I like to place things that interest me on top. inspire every day."

“It’s like a landscape of objects, materials and colors that I like to look at when I look up. Nothing is fixed, I take out what I want to see and put away what I have looked at too much. The first locker is always closed, the second is freer. I usually remove or put the doors on. It depends a little on my mood. Sometimes I like to empty my mind and close everything, to free my mind... "

Julien Renault 
Designer and Kewlox’s artistic director, Brussels.

"It will last a lifetime and will always be of use in different types of living. I have two different combinations. At home we have a suspended wall cabinet with transparent acrylic doors in our living room. At my studio, I have two long cabinets in natural MDF with black corners. I love the industrial, rebellious look it has. It’s an honest piece of furniture, which is beautiful in all it’s understated simplicity. It could appeal to anybody, and look good in different rooms and styles." 

"The combination of MDF with black also has somewhat of a Japanese look to me. It boasts the same sober, natural characteristics."