Bonjour Maurice, the ethical children’s clothing brand, opened a store in Brussels which they decked out entirely using Kewlox furniture.

“We were looking for a brand that shares our values, explain founders Céline and Géraldine. Belgian, modular, and with respect for the entire short production chain, with the right price.”

“We designed the items ourselves using the online configurator, and chose bright pieces in the colours of our brand. We opted for castors on all furniture pieces, so we could easily change the layout of the shop, creating new setups during the seasons. We only have to unlock the brakes, and are free to change up the scenery in a whiff!”

“The counter is a custom-made solution, created together with the team in the store in Leuze.  The fast delivery afterwards made it possible to open the shop on the day we had planned. We added 5 new Tracks racks recently, to display our clothing cards. As in a game, you can pick and mix all our clothing items to create new outfits over and over.

Curious to see the result? Check out the result at our store in Brussels!”

Céline and Géraldine,
Bonjour Maurice's founders, Brussels

Instagram: Bonjourmaurice