Georgios has chosen black as the finish for all his furniture sets. A timeless and understated design that suits every room in the house. Cabinets, display cases, and shelves designed to support heavy loads, providing storage space for his extensive collection of books. An architect based in Charleroi, Georgios Maïllis embodies an approach to design that combines elegance with functionality. He has cleverly harnessed this dark palette to create furniture sets that seamlessly blend into every room in the house, whether it's the living room, dining room, bedroom, or attic.

Storage furniture in the attic adds a touch of modernity to this often overlooked space, creating an ideal environment for work or leisure. Georgios Maïllis, as an architect, takes a holistic approach to interior design. He doesn't simply choose black furniture for its aesthetics; he strategically incorporates it to optimize space usage. His furniture creates a visual continuity throughout the house, which is especially important in open spaces. The furniture he designs is made from high-quality materials and durable finishes. Black, in addition to its elegance, is also a practical choice as it withstands daily wear and the test of time. In the end, he creates spaces that tell a story, a story that blends timeless design with everyday storage functionality. With his innovative approach and commitment to elegance and quality, Georgios is a key player in the contemporary architectural scene in the Charleroi region.

Georgios Maïllis
Architect, Charleroi

However, far from being austere, the use of black brings depth and warmth to the space, creating an atmosphere of sophistication that is by no means cold. One of the advantages of choosing black is its versatility. Black furniture can adapt to any decorating style, be it contemporary minimalism, industrial chic, or even traditional. Black can serve as a neutral backdrop to highlight vibrant colors or interesting textures like solid wood or gold, making it an ideal complement for various interior design preferences. In the living room, Georgios' black buffets are true centerpieces. 

Their elegant design, combined with high-quality materials, creates a refined yet understated relaxation space. The bedroom is an oasis of tranquility. The use of black in the bedroom creates an atmosphere conducive to sleep and relaxation.