In the renovation of the old offices, the major challenge was to optimize space without compromising the essential storage needs. To meet this challenge, the choice was made for cabinets with an innovative sliding door system, known for their ability to provide full access to contents without encroaching on the vital circulation space. This solution was distinguished not only by its functionality but also by its origin: Belgian quality, a guarantee of durability and reliability.

This strategic choice for the offices reflected an appreciation for high production standards and a commitment to optimizing space and storage efficiency. The adopted solution not only resolved the initial challenge but also contributed to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the workspace, demonstrating the quality and ingenuity of Belgian craftsmanship.


The adaptability of these cabinets was a key factor, their custom design allowing for perfect integration into the specific office spaces. 

The robustness, guaranteed by a solid wood structure and galvanized corners, ensured exceptional longevity, even under the weight of significant loads.