Bruno Corbisier became acquainted with Kewlox during his architecture studies, an encounter that marked the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with the brand. Quickly, this cabinet stood out, revealing its potential to become much more than just a decorative element in Bruno's life. Initially received as just another piece of furniture, it was transformed through Bruno's ingenuity, who dismantled, reassembled, and reinvented it several times, highlighting the system's versatility and durability.

"During my architecture studies, I inherited my first Kewlox. I dismantled, reassembled, transformed, and adapted it numerous times before it ended up as a TV stand for my loft. Then, I continued to furnish the various rooms in my house with these pieces because they adapt to all atmospheres. Later, when I set up my office in 2001, I also bought some, and it hasn't stopped since. With these pieces of furniture, once you start, you can't do without them."

This initial experience not only established a deep and lasting connection for Bruno but also beautifully demonstrated how the brand's furniture harmonizes and transforms across various environments. As an architect, Bruno appreciates not just the versatility and durability of the products; he is also captivated by the brand's rich history, adding a layer of admiration and respect for the innovation and vision that drive Kewlox.

"I undoubtedly chose Kewlox for its design, modularity, scalability, but also because it is an icon of Belgian design. This concept is simply brilliant!"

Bruno Corbisier
Architect, Brussels.

Photo: Serge Brison