With Kewlox modular wardrobes, Bert & Yves have transformed their living space into a sanctuary of minimalism, elegance, and functionality. Imagine an interior where each piece of furniture tells a story of simplicity and ingenuity. In the bedroom, not only do the sleek lines of the partition wall harmoniously blend with the wardrobe set, but the latter, customizable to one's desires, embraces the spirit of personalization dear to our hearts. These pieces of furniture integrate with natural ease, thus reflecting the genius of adaptability.

"And as extra storage is always welcome in a bathroom, Bert & Yves opted for a functional combination of white and wood, repeating the same colors and materials as in the bedroom. The wood of the furniture matches perfectly with the magnificent Scandinavian wooden bathtub."

The storage cabinet matches with flawless precision the raw and minimalist look of the bathroom. This alliance is not a coincidence, but the result of thoughtful design, where every detail, from texture to functionality, has been considered to enrich the daily experience.

Every storage element contributes to creating a friendly and unique atmosphere, while optimizing the available spaces. It is with this perspective that Bert & Yves have succeeded in designing an interior that breathes tranquility and serenity, inviting relaxation and well-being.

Bert Pieter and Yves Drieghe,
Creators of the DIFT agency

Photo: Luca Beel