Stephanie Specht and Rik Van Elzen live in a cosy flat in the heart of Antwerp, with a view on the old towers in the city centre. For now at least, as they are in the process of renovating their new home outside the city. There, they found enough space for a studio for Stephanie (who is making a name for himself as a graphic designer all over the world), a workplace for stage builder Rik and enough space for his three daughters. Something that will certainly move with them, are the Kewlox cabinets in their home. When they moved in together, the collections of both came together and now you can find a Kewlox piece in just about every room in their flat.

Since her first purchase – a large cupboard in natural MDF to store admin, books, … in her office space – plenty of new combinations have been added. There is a wardrobe in the girls’ bedroom as well as in their own room, and the very first cupboard was moved to the living room slash home office. A low sideboard in the dining room completes the collection, for the time being at least.

“We had a lot of Kewlox in our home,” says Rik. “My mother also painted them in different colours, very really”.

Stephanie did not have Kewlox at home, but she discovered the brand herself. The Belgian background and modularity convinced her. When friends come over, they are often impressed:

“Foreign guests often think they are Japanese, so I’m always happy when I can tell that it’s an all-Belgian brand.”

With the renovation almost done, Stephanie and Rik are now really looking forward to the move.

“In my future studio I would also like to have some sort of archive, with an overview of my own work and inspiring materials. A Kewlox combination would be ideal for that, so we’re certainly not at our last cupboard yet!”

Stephanie Specht,
graphic designer, Antwerp.