Laurent, a contemporary art dealer, resides in an apartment full of character in Brussels. His personal space is a haven of tranquility, with white walls that create an ideal backdrop for his art objects and furniture, seamlessly blending the past and present. Among them, the Kewlox sideboard is not just a utilitarian piece of furniture; it's a true life partner, imbued with stories and childhood memories.

“This small Kewlox sideboard with 4 doors is a family piece of furniture that has traveled a lot since my childhood. I reclaimed it a few years ago, finding that it fit perfectly into my living room."

As an expert in art restoration, Laurent appreciates the opportunity to give his furniture a new life through the spare parts offered by Kewlox, thus illustrating the brand's durability and timelessness, perfectly in line with his expertise and principles.

The meticulously selected artworks by Laurent infuse character and personality into his living room, a space that stands out for its refined minimalism. Each item, including the discreet Kewlox sideboard placed near the fireplace, is chosen with care. His goal? To present and organize artworks, while being itself a piece of great value, as Kewlox is often considered an icon of Belgian design.

"I love its timeless design and style, both classic and modern at the same time, just like my decor. I store small paintings, drawings, and documents in it."

"For a little anecdote, I lost one of the crossbars during transport, but since Kewlox furniture is timeless and doesn't change its structure, I was able to easily buy another one and reassemble my sideboard without any problem."

Laurent de Meyer
Contemporary art dealer, Brussels.