Bruno Corbisier, a recognized Belgian architect, began his journey with Kewlox as a student, inheriting a first piece of furniture that would prove to be much more than a utilitarian object. This Kewlox, over the years, was disassembled, reassembled, transformed, and adapted to eventually become a TV stand in Bruno's loft, perfectly illustrating the design's ability to adapt to changing needs.

"I inherited my first Kewlox when I was a student. I disassembled, reassembled, transformed, and adapted it numerous times before it ended up as a TV stand for my loft."

For Bruno, the appeal of Kewlox goes beyond mere utility; it lies in the symbol of Belgian design that these pieces represent. He is captivated by the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, seeing in Kewlox not just furniture, but also a source of inspiration reflecting creativity and ingenuity.

"I undoubtedly chose Kewlox for its design, its modularity, its scalability, but also because it is an icon of Belgian design. This concept is simply brilliant."

Bruno Corbisier,
Architect, Brussels.


After his studies, Bruno invested in his first Kewlox furniture for his offices, showcasing his appreciation for the concept's modularity and durability. This same adaptability allowed Bruno to furnish the various rooms of his home, with each Kewlox piece meeting the specific needs of the space it occupies, in harmony with a consistent architectural vision.

"After finishing my studies, I began buying my first Kewlox furniture when setting up my own offices in 2001. Then, I started furnishing the different rooms of my house with these pieces because they adapt to any space."