Frédérique, like many others, faced the challenge of arranging her living space to serve multiple purposes, without sacrificing harmony and aesthetics. The core of the project? To transform a living area that also serves as a passageway for daily bicycles into a space where conviviality and functionality coexist. The challenge was to design a low partition that would visually separate this area while adhering to a tight budget.

"During the renovation of our ground floor, we were looking for a solution to create a low partition separating the living area and the bike storage, in order to visually isolate the bike space from the rest of the room."

"And the cherry on top? Furniture equipped with doors on both sides. This detail, far from being trivial, enriches the whole not only in terms of design but also in everyday use, making every interaction with the space not only smoother but also intuitively practical."

"Furthermore, thanks to the double-sided doors, the contents of the cabinets are also accessible from the living room. An inventive, practical, and contemporary solution!"

Marketing manager, Brusels

Equipped with doors at the front and back, these cabinets have emerged as the ideal solution, transforming a simple partition into an extremely practical storage space. They provide a perfect spot for helmets, bike accessories, backpacks, and other everyday items found in an entryway. This ingenious choice maximizes space without cluttering, while keeping essentials within reach and preserving the fluidity and aesthetics of the living space.

"The Kewlox cabinets with doors at the front and back have proven to be the perfect solution as they allowed us to create a very practical partition, which serves to store helmets and bike accessories, backpacks, and everything else one might find in the entryway of a house."