Frederik Delbart is a designer based in Brussels who shares a special history with Kewlox, a brand that has marked both his childhood and professional career. From a young age, Frederik has been surrounded by Kewlox creations. These pieces of furniture, omnipresent in the family home, served not only as storage space for his toys, books, or tools but also sparked his interest in practical and timeless design.

"I grew up with Kewlox. My parents had a lot of them, and using them, I noticed they were really practical. In my sideboard and cabinets, I stored everything for 10 years: books, shoes, my models, my tools, bottles."

When he embarked on design studies, his perception of these pieces of furniture transformed. They were no longer just simple everyday objects but became pieces of versatile and sleek design. For Frederik, Kewlox furniture represents more than a storage solution; they are a constant source of inspiration, illustrating the idea that good design withstands time and fleeting trends.

"Then, later on, while studying design, I realized it was a fantastic object. I used them for years in the living room, then in my studio. It’s the lightness, both in design and in weight. It’s a piece of furniture that never becomes obsolete."

Frederik Delbart
Designer, Brussels.