“It’s Kewlox’s simplicity and impressive storage capacity that we appreciate most of all. We have a Kewlox in almost every room of the house- in the kitchen to store dishes, utensils and food, elsewhere for storing clothes, books or tools.”

“One day, on Design Addict’s discussion forum -a website we founded, someone asked me how much weight a Kewlox can support. In order to demontrate its resistance, we posted a photo of the 4 large Kewlox units we have in our kitchen. The Americans who didn’t know the brand were totally seduced by it and since then this image keeps being shared on social media.”

Patrick Everaert, Artist and designer – Charleroi.

Patrick Everaert has always been addicted to Kewlox. His house was designed by his Father Louis Everaert in the 60’s and is a classic of Belgian architecture. Kewlox furniture fits perfectly into it thanks to its timeless, versatile and customizable qualities.