The life of Patrick Everaert is a mosaic of passions, commitments, and creativity, reflecting a rich and varied journey alongside his partner Alix. Their love for art, demonstrated through the restoration of precious works and the exhibition of Patrick's creations, has evolved alongside a growing interest in 20th-century design. This interest has not only enriched their personal collection but also inspired the creation of Design Addict, a platform that has become an international crossroads for design enthusiasts.

This love for design and a sensitivity to environmental impact are also found in their fondness for Kewlox furniture. The modularity, durability, and timeless design of Kewlox resonate with Patrick and Alix's principles, merging aesthetics and ecological awareness. Each Kewlox piece in their home is not just a storage object but an extension of their ethics, harmoniously integrating the past and present, art and commitment. Through Kewlox, they find a tangible expression of their values.

Patrick does not hesitate to proudly show off his achievements with Kewlox. An interaction on Design Addict, the forum co-founded by Patrick, has uniquely highlighted the furniture's robustness. Publishing a photo of their kitchen equipped with Kewlox not only attested to the furniture's sturdiness but also captivated an international audience, thus illustrating how a moment of sharing can broaden the recognition of functional and sustainable design.

But Patrick has known Kewlox for a long time, and his attachment to the brand is not recent. His house, designed by his father Louis Everaert in the 60s, is a classic of Belgian architecture. Here, the Kewlox furniture fits perfectly because it is timeless, modular, and customizable. Patrick's appreciation for their simplicity and their vast storage capacity extends throughout the house, finding their utility from the kitchen, where they organize dishes and food, to other spaces, housing clothes, books, and tools.

"It's the simplicity and the impressive storage capacity that we love in Kewlox furniture. We have them in almost every room of the house. In the kitchen, they are used to store dishes, utensils, food. Elsewhere, we store clothes, books, or tools..."

"One day, someone asked a question about a Kewlox's ability to support heavy loads on the Design Addict discussion forum, a website of which we are the founders. To demonstrate its sturdiness, we posted a photo of the 4 large Kewlox units in our kitchen. Americans who were not familiar with the brand were very impressed, and since then, this image has continued to proliferate on social media, inviting people into our kitchen."

Patrick Everaert,
Artist and designer, Charleroi.