When Gill and Liesbeth, not only founders but also active members of the MADE Architects team, considered the design of their own living space, they put their expertise to work to marry aesthetics and functionality. Their goal? To combine elegance and practicality, and for that, nothing beats Kewlox furniture, famous for its modularity and status as an icon of Belgian design.

Here is the text to translate into English: Coming from a small apartment, with few pieces of furniture and a limited budget, Gill and Liesbeth wanted to avoid at all costs the impersonal aspect of new constructions to favor a warm and welcoming atmosphere. MADE Architects then proposed an elegant solution: an extensive bookcase, personalized with colorful doors from Kewlox. This piece not only beautified their winter garden living room but also offered a harmonious way to integrate family elements into their decor.

MADE architects – Photos: Tim Van de Velde ©

The outcoming ? A space that truly reflects the personality of Gill and Liesbeth, thanks to the expertise of MADE Architects and the flexibility of Kewlox creations. An interior subtly transformed, combining style and functionality.

"When we moved in, we had little furniture: We came from a small apartment and then we didn't have the budget for it. Moreover, we wanted at all costs to avoid the white box and clean effect of new constructions, we wanted warmth and conviviality." (source: Gael maison April 2016)

Gill and Liesbeth
Architects at Made Architecs, Antwerp.

Project : MADE Architects
Photos Tim Van de Velde