Founded in 1997, Combrugghe & Partners is adapting to changes in the real estate sector by offering consultancy services. The Kewlox development provides an environment that facilitates open and effective dialogue with clients, while meeting the company's high standards of management and professionalism.

But these cabinets don't just organise and define office space; they also add a touch of timeless elegance and practicality.

They are designed to assemble various elements into configurations that specifically meet the needs of the company's workers, offering unparalleled flexibility in the layout of professional offices. This adaptability is essential for Combrugghe & Partners, a company that emerged in response to the changing demands of the property market and the need for independent expertise.

Combrugghe & Partners
Geometers-Experts, Brussels.

The offices of Combrugghe & Partners in Brussels, fitted out by Kewlox, transform an open space into several distinct work areas while maintaining visual uniformity. Thanks to their modular design, cupboards and sideboards can be transformed into practical partitions, organising space without sacrificing access or fluidity.

These modular 'walls' not only delineate individual spaces but also optimise every square centimetre for storage. The integration of sliding doors allows for efficient file management, maximising the use of space while maintaining a tidy, accessible appearance.