Architects Pieter Rubens and Annelies Frederix live with their two children Mon and Frie in the centre of Hasselt. Together they also run the Rubens-Frederix office, where they work mainly on residential projects, interior design, product design and public commissions. From the outset, their house perfectly symbolises their style and approach: simple, compact, high-quality and sustainable.

The natural MDF finish of this furniture means that it can be used in many different places and will stand the test of time. Thanks to the simplicity of assembly, they are sure that this is furniture they will keep for years to come: 

"When our children later want to go away to study or move house, they will of course be able to take their Kewlox furniture with them, like a part of their childhood. The configurations we've chosen now may also be used for other functions. It's precisely for the wide choice and this great freedom that we opted for Kewlox."

"We are convinced that the timeless character of these pieces of furniture will allow them to participate in a beautiful and long family history."

Pieter Rubens and Annelies Frederix
Architects, Hasselt 

To furnish their home, Annelies and Pieter chose Kewlox for their storage units: 

"We were won over by the timelessness of the furniture and the brand. Like our projects, we were looking for furniture made from durable materials and whose exposed structure reflected honesty."