When Johan wanted to change the atmosphere of his dining room, he had a few ideas in mind: something practical, pleasing to the eye, and above all, affordable. He found his happiness with Kewlox furniture, which allowed him to mix these needs without driving up the bill. At his home, these pieces of furniture find their daily utility: an open shelf that marks the transition between the living room and the dining room, and a sideboard with sliding doors that adjusts to the living space. Simple and modular, they naturally integrate into his home, bringing a touch of clarity and personalization where it's needed most.

"I chose Kewlox for its simple and sleek appearance, the combinations of finishes offered, as well as for its affordable price. What I like most about Kewlox is the freedom of configuration that allows us to get exactly the look and size we need for a room or for a specific purpose. We have two pieces of furniture at home, a shelf without doors and a cabinet with sliding doors. So far, they have been used only in our living room, and the shelf visually divides the dining room and the living room."

In addition to the shelf that serves as a separation between the two spaces, he designed a sideboard to organize various items. The translucency of the acrylic doors allows a glimpse of the objects inside, adding a touch of mystery while preserving the visual order of the room.

To create his piece of furniture, Johan opted for a practical approach by using the online configuration service, a modern approach that not only spared him an unnecessary trip but also optimized his time. The pickup was done in the comfort of the Kewlox store located in Antwerp, a locality easily accessible from his home in the Netherlands, making the entire process both efficient and pleasant.

"I designed my piece of furniture using the online configurator, which allowed me to purchase it without having to move, and I picked it up in Antwerp, which is not too far from Rotterdam."

Once at home, the assembly went just as smoothly.

"As a designer, I really enjoyed assembling the furniture because the system is very well thought out and precise. Of very good quality, my shelf is very sturdy and its appearance is fantastic. For me, the value for money is excellent!"

The cappuccino hue of the doors blends perfectly with the clean atmosphere of the living room, adding a warm note without overloading the aesthetic. It's a piece that skillfully marries beauty and practicality, meeting the storage needs of adults while remaining accessible to the little ones. The lower compartments, specially designed for their son, gather toys and books, offering autonomy and easy access to the child.

"We store objects and magazines in it, as well as toys and books that are easy for our son to reach in the lower compartments."

"It's a simple and playful system, the proof being that our son, who is almost 2 years old now, has known perfectly how to use the doors since we received it 6 months ago. In the future, we could move the furniture into his room."

Johan Van Hengel, 
Product and Furniture Designer, Rotterdam