Anyone who has ever built or renovated a house has probably heard of Zangra. This Belgian brand specialises in hard-to-find hardware and other home objects, often with a vintage touch. From porcelain switches, enamel accessories and retro lighting to bathroom furniture and unique lamps: what they cannot find with European producers, they make themselves.

Owner Eve Van Dyck founded the company in 2008, together with designer Thierry Donnay. In 2010, the Antwerp native and her family moved to the south of the country, in Beauraing. Not only do they live and work here now, but they also run a number of beautiful weekend houses.

“It’s that combination of timelessness, durability and the many different options that appealed to me”, Eve continues. “That fact that’s it’s a 100% Belgian brand, and that the wood is sourced in Europe, was also an important point for me.”

There are indeed some similarities to discern between Kewlox and Zangra. Sustainability and quality are central to both brands, with a touch of no-nonsense Belgitude on top. Whereas Zangra is not that old, it is looking for that same timeless quality and looks. The fact that the designs of both brands can go retro and vintage, but can just as easily create very modern interiors, is another great match.

"Our office looks out on the Ardennes countryside. The vast fields still inspire me every day. We built the office in 2018 and deliberately kept it a bit raw, more modern and more industrial. The furniture I was looking for had to fit in with that style, but should also provide some warmth."

"I quickly thought of Kewlox, a true design classic in my eyes. I’ve known the brand since I was a child, so there’s a bit of childhood sentiment attached to it as well. The design is without bells and whistles, but it is very well constructed and thought-trough.”

Eve also runs Villa Hastière, a beautiful authentic villa by the waters of the Meuse, near the French border. After a thorough renovation, she transformed the house into a warm, modern holiday home. A few Kewlox combinations steal the show here too, just like in their family home and recently also at her son’s place:

“My eldest son left the nest a few months ago. For the cupboards in his flat he also chose – you guessed it – Kewlox. The tradition continues.”

Eve Van Dyck
Zangra's founder, Beauraing