Julien Renault, Artistic Director at Kewlox, reveals how his hanging sideboard has become an integral part of his living room. A piece of furniture that has become more than just a decorative object, but a real everyday partner. In his life as a freelancer, where professional documents rub shoulders with children's games, Julien found in his furniture the answer to a need for versatile and aesthetic storage.

"This hanging sideboard is the perfect companion for my living room. As a freelancer, I use it both to store my accounting folders and my daughter's puzzles."

With a design that defies gravity, this suspended sideboard not only adds a touch of modernity but also ingenious functionality, freeing up floor space for a living room where every square metre counts. For Julien, the sideboard's sliding doors are the major advantage of a piece of furniture designed for movement and accessibility.

‘In its suspended version, it's functional, discreet and frees up floor space. The sliding doors take up a minimum of space.

Julien Renault 
Designer and artistic director of Kewlox, Brussels.