“We chose Kewlox because it is beautiful, refined, timeless and Belgian furniture. When we bought our house (a 1964 house) the sellers left some pieces of furniture behind, they were white cabinets and over the years we have restored them with our own custom Kewloxes including our yellow cabinet.

“In November, we were in Paris and we visited the Damien Hirst exhibition. CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Shortly after, we ordered a new Kewlox for our office. When the closet arrived a few weeks later, we put it together (my husband Thierry and I). Our color choice turned out to be an ode to ‘CHERRY BLOSSOMS’. We now call this Kewlox our Damien Hirst. This is how art can still inspire people…”

Veerle Hamerlynck, creative director at Luckytree

“The system allows you to choose the components and finishes you want to create the furniture that suits you. To write our own story with Kewlox, we needed color, simplicity and warmth, which is why we started our saga with a yellow wardrobe, which fits perfectly into our interior and reflects our personality.”