In the heart of Brussels, the Mofelito Paperito boutique not only offers a selection of high-quality office equipment, it also advocates an attentive, personalised approach. This approach is reflected in both its products and its interior design.

That's why Sofie opted for Kewlox furniture, whose modular design and local manufacture harmonise with her commitment to the environment. Their sleek design and maximum functionality enrich the atmosphere of the shop, reflecting its values of sustainability and quality.

"I chose Kewlox furniture for my shop for a number of reasons: the modular system makes it possible to optimise storage space, the furniture is made in Belgium and the wood used is PEFC certified. What's more, the furniture's sleek design fits in perfectly with my product range."

By integrating furniture on castors, it has optimised the mobility required for its ephemeral sales and its participation in trade fairs. This is flexible furniture, adaptable to any event.

"I bought my furniture direct from Kewlox after receiving advice in the Stockel shop on the best way to organise my space. And as I also run pop-up sales on the move in addition to my shop, I bought extra furniture with castors. Now, when I have a sale, I can move the furniture around very quickly without having to dismantle it. It's also handy when I'm at a trade fair - my furniture is always ready to go!"

Sofie has adopted clever solutions to maximise every inch of her space, and has also dared to use a touch of bright colour to liven up the atmosphere in her workplace. The modularity of the design gives her total freedom, promising simplicity and adaptability over time.

"I'm really pleased with the sliding doors, which allow me to make the most of the space and keep my stock in order. I chose yellow for my furniture. I'd never seen this colour before at Kewlox, but when I discovered it, I fell in love with it straight away."

"I don't get bored of it, but if I did, I could change doors with a snap of my fingers. A big advantage of the Kewlox system!"

On a daily basis, customers' curiosity about the furniture is often aroused. Sofie takes particular pleasure in sharing the history of Kewlox furniture, highlighting its Belgian manufacture and long-lasting heritage. This aspect of the furniture regularly provokes surprise and admiration from her young and aware clientele.

"I have a lot of young customers in my shop. They often want to know what country my furniture comes from and whether it's a new brand. They're always pleasantly surprised when I tell them that the furniture is made in Belgium and has been around since the 1960s!"

Sofie Rombouts
Founder of the stationery shop Mofelito Paperito, Brussels