There are several reasons why I choose to use Kewlox in my stationery shop: the modular system allows you to fully use the space, all the furniture is made in Belgium, the wood has a PEFC label, the minimalist design matches my stationery selection perfectly and, last but not least, the wide variety of colours and materials allows you to truly personalize them.

I bought my furniture directly from Kewlox after a visit to the Stokkel branch where the staff advised me on how to fully use my space. From time to time I also organize popup events on location so I bought some extra units on castors. Whenever I have an event, I can quickly move the units without taking them apart and they are not too heavy. If I take part in a trade fair, I have my furniture with me, all set and ready in half an hour!

Sofie Rombouts, Mofelito Paperito stationery

I chose a yellow finish for all the doors and panels of my units. I had not seen this bright colour very often at Kewlox but it was love at first sight- and I do not get tired of it. If I do want to change colours I can always easily and quickly change the panels and doors. I am also very happy with the sliding doors: my extra stock is close by yet neatly tucked away.