Nestled in the heart of a peaceful neighborhood in Rotterdam, the home of Foekje Fleur reveals a deep commitment to the planet. Every item that is part of her interior was carefully selected to minimize its environmental impact. And for good reason, Foekje Fleur is a designer with a strong ecological conscience!

Her brand, Foekje Fleur creates colorful and playful designs inspired by a serious subject: environmental pollution. It aims to raise awareness and encourage daily changes through planet-friendly production, ensuring fair working conditions for its employees and partners everywhere, from Rotterdam to China.

To bring her furniture ideas to life, Foekje Fleur used the online configurator. This creative process, carried out from the comfort of her home, saved her unnecessary trips. Picking up the flat-pack furniture at the Kewlox store in Antwerp, not far from her home, was the icing on the cake, making the experience very convenient and rewarding.

"To create my furniture, I used the online configurator. It was a lot of fun, and I spent several evenings making them just as I wanted, then we went to pick them up at the store in Antwerp."

Recently, Foekje Fleur's living space has been enriched with a particularly warm vintage touch: Kewlox furniture that now finds its place in her children's rooms. From now on, she enjoys imagining the many corners of her office that could be adorned with future Kewlox furniture...

Interestingly, at Kewlox, although in line with her values, it was the brightness and color of the furniture that first captivated her, highlighting the importance of visual appeal in her committed world.

"For a few years, we had been looking for furniture to display our precious items, and when I saw the Kewlox that my sister-in-law had bought, I became very curious." 

"So, I considered creating the perfect cabinet for our collection, which consists of objects dear to us: my grandmother's teapot, illustrations and photos, porcelain figurines, prototypes of my products, and small notes."

What attracts Foekje to Kewlox, beyond simplicity, is the modularity and commitment to sustainability, underscored by the ease of replacing parts, ensuring exceptional longevity for the furniture.

"What I like most about Kewlox is its modularity; moreover, it's a durable, reusable, and recyclable piece of furniture. The ability to replace a broken or obsolete part aligns perfectly with our philosophy and mindset."

Foekje Fleur,
Designer, Rotterdam.