“We we’re looking for a way to store and display all our small but cherished bits and bobs- that’s when I saw a Kewlox cupboard at my sister-in-law’s house. I knew straight away that this would be the perfect solution. I started imagining the perfect system for our collection: my grandmother’s teapot, illustrations and photographs, porcelain figurines, prototypes of my designs… they would all fit.Using the online configurator I created the pieces that we needed.

It was a very fun process and I spent many nights tweaking and changing them until my configuration was absolutely perfect. Afterwards, we could pick up our order from the showroom in Antwerp.What I like about Kewlox is its modularity and, on top of that, its sustainability. It’s a sturdy, reusable and recyclable piece of furniture. The fact that you can easily replace a broken element or enlarge and update your system fits entirely into our philosophy and way of living.

These are our first Kewlox pieces, but I’m pretty sure there will be more to follow. I wish I had known about the brand earlier! I’m already imagining places in the house where we could fit a new piece …”

Foekje Fleur Designer, Rotterdam