Judith Mierop and Ivan Vander Seypen, both La Cambre graduates, live with their children in an authentic flat in Brussels. Ivan works for FP Architecture, but Judith has chosen a different path and is currently training as a nutritionist. Their flat is an oasis in the city. The brick walls, wooden plank floor and exposed beam structure provide balance and a pleasant backdrop for the sober furniture, numerous plants and well-chosen accessories.

They chose two timeless combinations, one in black and the other in mdf, but the modularity of the storage system was also an advantage for them:

"A blue door, or transparent pink, or simply no door at all: everything is possible. So you can easily give your furniture a new look without having to bring a whole new room into the house. From doors and shelves to legs and door knobs, you can choose everything yourself, so the possibilities are endless.  So we had a lot of fun putting our own composition together." In the bedroom, the storage module doubles as a wardrobe. In the living room, the half-height combination provides space for a number of books, as well as the audio system, a lamp, plants and other accessories.

"We bought the furniture specifically for these locations, so we knew what we were looking for," adds Judith. "Assembly also went very smoothly, much easier than with other systems."

Ivan Vander Seypen
Architect at Faidherbe & partners, Brussels

Judith Mierop
Dietician at monpetitventre, Brussels

The unexpected roughness of the walls only adds to the relaxed, calming atmosphere throughout the house. In this context, a Kewlox wardrobe was also a must, they felt.

"We were won over by the simplicity and elegance of the design. The combination of materials and colours also worked well with the rest of the interior." There is a Kewlox wardrobe in the bedroom and one in the living room.