Estelle Benatar and Florent Cenni - partners at Zoom architecture - wanted their studio to feel airy, light and inspiring. White-washed walls, a pale grey concrete floor and an impressive skylight provide an ideal setting for the big, communal desk set-up. 

When looking for additional storage, they quickly turned to Kewlox. Opting for the classic - two stories, natural mdf, galvanised corner profiles - the elegant line-up of cabinets blend right in, as if they’ve been there for ages. The colour of the mdf panels is picked up in different vintage finds throughout the space, while adding warmth and depth. 

“Putting in the order was an exciting moment for us, since it was the biggest order of furniture we’ve ever done” laughs Estelle. “But we’re so happy with the outcome, as they provide some much needed storage space without being too bulky or present.” In them, they contain many different pieces that needed to be stowed away. Books and magazines, samples and materials, folders and binders, ... everything in its right place!

Estelle and Florent, partners at Zoom Architecture