Between the green outskirts of Brussels and the buzz of the city, Koen, Charles and Clara created their own mid-century modern home. Here, they can come home to a place that lets their characters and passions shine bright.

When their previous home became a bit too small, Koen and Charles started looking out for something new. Between the various construction sites and just-not options, they stumbled on a piece of building land near the forest. It soon proved suitable for the dream home they had in mind. They consciously chose a sustainable, efficient building style. From the natural materials to the compact floor plan and green roof: this house will last a lifetime and longer. As for the look of the house, they took inspiration from the typical bungalows of Palm Springs. The pitched roof, the exterior walls, ... this contemporary, local translation with mid-century modern vibes is a more than successful combination.

The Kewlox cabinet is a new addition. "I think everyone of my generation knows Kewlox," explains Koen, "but it was only after a tip from a friend that we thought of it as a possibility for our new space." They chose natural mdf with black corner profiles. This neutral combination fits nicely with the rest of the house, and is reflected in the woodwork, lighting and kitchen worktop.

"Thanks to the many options, we were able to put together something that blends perfectly with the other materials, and also just right for the amount of free space. A perfect match"

Charles and Koen

Inside, they created a simple but elegant setting where personal additions - furniture, souvenirs, art, accessories - add atmosphere and character. "Our interior is a work in progress," Koen explains. 

"We hadn't planned it to perfection because we wanted to wait and see how we would find our feet in our new place."

The raw concrete floor and natural wood of the panelled walls provide a solid foundation for changes and experiment. The kitchen and library cupboard were also made in the same materials to further enhance the unity. Despite a sober base layer, the house exudes warmth and cosiness. Thanks to the well-chosen furniture and personal details, it is a place where the residents can really come home to.