Kewlox furniture is delivered flat-packed in 100% recyclable transparent packaging. The packages are easy to transport in a car as they are approximately 10 cm high. Their dimensions correspond to the width and depth of the furniture's largest panels.

What is in 
your parcel?

-A bundle of 4 corners the full height of the furniture.
-The crosspieces, mounts and panels that make up your furniture.
-Any accessories (intermediate shelves, castor base, etc.).

If your order only includes accessories or spare parts, the packaging will depend on the size and number of items ordered.

How many packages
make up your furniture?

-Furniture with 1 or 2 levels is packed in 1 flat pack.
-Furniture between 3 and 5 storeys is packed in 2 flat packs.
-Furniture with more than 5 floors is packed in 3 flat packs.

How heavy is your parcel?

We try not to exceed 20 kg per parcel. The weight of each piece of furniture is shown on the configurator, and the total weight of your order is shown on your invoice.

Vehicle loading
(click & collect)

The Stockel, Antwerp and Liège shops do not have an attendant to load your furniture into your car. We advise you to collect your orders from the factory if you would like us to load your vehicle.

We recommend that you place the long corner pieces at an angle in the passenger compartment, with the end of the bundle of corner pieces resting on the floor on the front passenger side.

Would you prefer home delivery? We offer this service

Look out for the instructions in your parcels

We supply one set of assembly instructions per order, except for spare parts.  It's a small A5 booklet, prominently displayed under the transparent packaging of one of the packages. The instructions can also be consulted online, and our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.