Heating pipes and other plumbing items are very important for the proper functioning of the house. However, they are not always very aesthetic. Good news! With Kewlox modular furniture you can conceal these elements.

Often, our first choice is DIY solutions such as formwork, trunking and cornices etc. but with Kewlox you can solve this problem - while saving storage space.

Indeed, the flexibility of the system allows you to create furniture that adapts to the dimensions of your walls. You can also choose to remove elements (backs, shelves, side panels and back crosspieces) in order to pass the pipes.

For this purpose:

1) Measure the space in the wall that will accommodate the cabinet.

2) Determine the type of furniture you want to build (wardrobe, wardrobe, etc.)

3) Configure your furniture using our wide choice of standard sizes or come to the store with the information.

Your seller will carry out your project. If necessary, we will manufacture custom furniture.