While setting up his home, Mikis was looking to make the best use of the long wall in his living room. The Kewlox furniture won him over with their simple design and the modularity of the system, perfect for his space. Thanks to the support of the staff in store, Mikis designed a customized storage solution, by combining columns, cabinets, and modular sideboards that ideally adapted to the wall.

"We were looking for furniture to fill a four-meter wall in our living room. Our need for storage had reached a critical point, with our children's toys seeming to multiply as if by magic, as well as a precious collection of vinyl records that required a safe and suitable storage space. We also needed a solution to place our television in an elegant and functional manner. It was at this moment that we discovered Kewlox. The first thing that caught our attention about Kewlox was their simple and timeless design. It was love at first sight. The clean lines and the modularity of the furniture seemed to fit perfectly with our interior. They didn't overly draw attention, but their presence was undeniably elegant and practical. When we visited their store, we were able to explore all available options to create a personalized storage solution. "

"Our children's toys have found their place in the drawers and on the shelves, making cleaning and organizing much easier. Our television is securely mounted, and the TV stand offers a modern and sleek look."

"Our living room has become a more comfortable and enjoyable living space for the whole family. In the end, our encounter with Kewlox was a great discovery."

"Their furniture not only met our storage needs but also enhanced the aesthetics of our interior. The quality of their design and manufacturing is undeniable, and their customer service was exceptional."

Mikis Duprez
Marketing Manager, Brussels.

"By visiting their store, we were able to explore all the available options to create a customized storage solution. The staff was incredibly helpful. They took into account our specific storage and design needs and advised us on how to maximize the space in our room."

"We chose a combination of Kewlox modules that not only seamlessly integrated into our decor but were also designed to meet our storage needs. Adjustable shelves allowed us to efficiently store our children's toys. The columns were perfect for our vinyl records, protecting them from dust and moisture. The TV stand we selected created a focal point in our living room, offering stable and elegant support for our television, as well as storage space for electronic devices and cables. Kewlox truly transformed our living room. The once-empty four-meter wall is now a functional and aesthetic space. Our vinyl collection is carefully organized and accessible."