Brussels-based interior designer Sophie Green is known for her innovative take on sustainable design. Her designs combine contemporary aesthetics with an environmentally conscious approach, with an emphasis on the smart reusage of existing elements and material.

"We were on the lookout for storage solutions that were both beautiful and easy-to-use to add to our own studio. For us, it was also extremely important to pick an environmentally responsible brand, with a preference for brands made in Belgium or around in line with our commitment to sustainability. We ended up with Kewlox, was actually an obvious choice from the start, as this brand is fully in line with Sophiegreen's vision."

Optimal use of space is a priority in Sophie's projects. Here too, Kewlox matches the vision: sliding doors maximise the available space while maintaining a clean, functional look. A clever layout and arrangement of furniture creates dynamism and circulation, making the office cozier but also more practical.

 "What appealed to us most about Kewlox is the innovative design, its modular system and the wide range of of materials and sizes. The storage system is perfect for our daily needs in the office. We put everything in it, from files and documents to kitchen appliances and cleaning products. Out of sight, but within easy reach."

Sophie Green
Interior architect, Brussels

Sophie and her team are committed to developing spaces that encourage creativity and make you feel good. Each element, including the furniture, is carefully chosen based on functionality and aesthetic impact, enriching the overall experience of a space.

"We are also very happy with the ease of use of the furniture and the space saved thanks to the sliding doors."