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As the center of Antwerp is in a low emission zone (LEZ), check here that your vehicle is admitted.

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Recognized for their sturdiness and durability, our modular and adaptable cabinets, shelves, columns, showcases, display cases, bookcases and cupboards will find their place in any room of the house. Visit our Kewlox Antwerp showroom to be advised on your projects and receive your complete, personalized and free quote. This store does not have stock, but you can have the items you ordered in store or on the online store delivered free of charge. Weekly delivery from our factory in Leuze (near Namur) guarantees a very short delivery time. We also have 3 other stores in Belgium: Brussels (Kraainem), Liège and Leuze, as well as an e-shop on our website. Sodexo, Edenred and Monizze eco-cheques accepted.