General terms and conditions of sale

Failing express and written agreements stipulating otherwise, these general conditions alone, excluding those of the buyer, govern our sales contracts.



The website is an e-commerce site accessible to any Internet user via the Internet. The website is managed by KEWLOX NV headquartered in 5310 Leuze (Eghezée), Rue Sainte-Anne 7 and registered under number BCE 0403.179.807 (hereinafter "KEWLOX").

  • To be taken into account, an order and its payment must be carried out by an adult.
  • All orders will be considered to be confirmed by the actual payment of the amount thereof. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you containing the contents of the order and the total amount with all fees included.
  • KEWLOX customer service is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is accessible at 03/237.46.48.
  • As a member of the BeCommerce association, KEWLOX complies with its code of conduct.
  • In case of dispute, KEWLOX relies on the complaints mediation within the framework of its commitment to the "BeCommerce" label.

Any person ordering products offered for sale on the web Site (hereinafter "Customer"), is presumed to have read these general conditions of sale and expressly accept them.


The following general conditions apply to all sales from the KEWLOX range and any online purchase made by the Customer with KEWLOX. The conditions apply to online sales for Belgium. Failing prior written consent from us, the fact that KEWLOX receives the confirmation of an order on the web site will mean that there is a binding contract. The Customer remotely signs a contract in this respect.

Article 2 : PRICES

Prices are quoted and payable in euros and are valid in Belgium. The indication of prices bears exclusively on articles that are described in the text. Any related photos have a purely decorative value and may show objects or items that are not included in the price. The prices in force on the day of the order shall be charged to all orders. Once the order is placed, the price cannot be changed. Prices indicated for articles are VAT inclusive but shipping is not included (to be calculated from Belgium from KEWLOX head offices). Shipping costs are always previously communicated to the Customer for confirmation, prior to confirmation of order. KEWLOX is not responsible for the mistakes (printing errors) contained in its offers. If a price listed on the KEWLOX  web site is wrong and this was reported to the Customer by KEWLOX, the Customer only has the right to cancel the order or to continue with the order at the correct price.

Article 3 : OFFER

Despite the fact that the catalogue and web site are compiled with the greatest care, it is possible that the information presented is incomplete, that it contains material errors or that it is not up-to-date. KEWLOX is bound by an obligation to resources concerning the accuracy, the update and the comprehensiveness of the information shown. KEWLOX cannot be held responsible for any clerical errors, typographical errors and print errors. Please contact us in advance for specific questions on models, colour, availability, delivery time and means of delivery, etc. The offer is valid for 30 days and may at any time be adapted or withdrawn by KEWLOX. KEWLOX reserves the right to refuse orders, without any form of justification, to modify delivery, to divide deliveries or to apply other conditions to the delivery.

Article 4 : PAYEMENTS

Through the web site, the Customer has the choice between the following payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, e-Banking, or Paypal. In the event of bank transfer, KEWLOX reserves the right to cancel the order in the absence of actual payment within 7 working days following the order. An 'order' is an online purchase that is normally delivered to your home address. An order is shipped after receipt of full payment.

All supplies are payable in full, net without discount, in cash at our head office or at our place of business, on reception of the goods. Availabilities, bills of exchange or postal orders do not alter or create a waiver to this rule.

Any invoice not paid by the due date will be increased, ipso jure and without notice prior, by 15% of the total with a minimum of €50.00 as damages. In addition, from the due date, it will be subject to, ipso jure and without notice, a moratorium interest at the legal rate.

We reserve the right to require a deposit upon acceptance of the order and as a condition thereof. If the buyer does not take delivery of the goods sent or held at its disposal in our shops, we reserve the right to treat the order as cancelled; in this case, the amount of the deposit remains acquired as flat-rate compensation. Any failure on the part of a buyer in any of its obligations enables us to cancel any order with us and retain, as a lump sum, the amount of any deposits paid.


The acceptance of the goods is deemed to be acquired at the time of delivery. No exchange or return will be accepted.

KEWLOX aims to deliver orders within 21 working days of receipt of payment. However, delivery times are provided as an indicator only. Exceeding the delivery date does not open rights to compensation to the Customer, and does not give the Customer the right to cancel the order or terminate the contract. If some articles cannot be sent (in time), the Customer is informed by KEWLOX and can optionally use this as a reason to terminate the contract.

KEWLOX cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with all or part of its obligations under this contract, provided that non-compliance is attributable to an event likened to a case of force majeure (Act of God), in particular a general or partial strike or an interruption of the means of transport and/or communications, flood or fire.  If an event regarded as a case of force majeure occurs, KEWLOX will inform the Customer. After a one (1) month break caused by force majeure, KEWLOX has the option of not honouring the order.

KEWLOX is not responsible for direct or indirect damage that might result from consultancy project assistance that it provides. Any liability shall never, under any circumstances, exceed the amount invoiced and paid.

The loading of the goods into the Customer's vehicle is always the liability of the said Customer. If however, by pure helpfulness, one of our representatives helps with loading, we cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any damage that might be caused in these circumstances.

We have no guarantee of being constantly able to procure supplies of the same provenance, type or hue. This explains that furniture provided frequently shows variations of shades in relation to wood fibre boards and wood species concerning items in wood or similar.


Once delivered, the goods remain the property of KEWLOX until full payment has been received.

Article 7 :  GRIEVANCES

After receipt of the order, the Customer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods immediately. Any visible damage and/or qualitative defect of an article or another delivery reservation, must be notified immediately in writing, under penalty of forfeiture of all rights.

Article 8 : GUARANTEE

With over 40 years of experience behind it, KEWLOX guarantees the structure of its furniture for life in normal use (dry atmosphere, nominal loads), and offers free exchange of steel or stainless steel angle irons, wooden or aluminium ties and battens should they ever break.

To call upon the guarantee, the Customer must present proof of purchase. For items purchased online and delivered to the Customer's home, the Customer must first contact KEWLOX. Any defect must be reported as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days of the finding of it. After this period, any right of repair or exchange will have expired. The time limits and conditions are always identical to those applied by the manufacturer of the product concerned. The decision on the question of whether or not an article falls under the guarantee is always the responsibility of the manufacturer or the supplier of this item. The article is therefore sent by KEWLOX to the manufacturer or the supplier, which will decide if the guarantee is accepted and which will also inform KEWLOX of the reason for this decision. K - STORE cannot under any circumstances be held liable for this decision. The return of items can be done by mail or through a private haulier service, at the Customer's expense and liability in the event of loss, theft or damage. Insofar as it is possible, KEWLOX will replace the items sold with items of the same type, in the same quantities and/or formats, provided that the buyer has allowed us to examine them properly and that, during this review, it has been found that goods, during the applicable guarantee period, did not meet with normal requirements.


The Customer has the right to notify KEWLOX sprl that it renounces the purchase, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 14 days of delivery of the product. The Customer who wishes to make use of its right of renunciation must contact KEWLOX within 14 days of delivery and return the goods (at their own cost/risk) to KEWLOX within 20 days of delivery of the goods. Only items that are undamaged, in their original packaging, with all accessories, user notices and the invoice, can be returned. Returns will under no circumstances be accepted if: they are used, soiled, damaged or incomplete and packaging (or part of it) has been opened, items tailor made for the Customer, articles which, by their nature, cannot be returned. When the return is due to a fault on the part of KEWLOX, KEWLOX pays the transport costs. KEWLOX notifies the Customer that it accepts returns and refunds only for items that were purchased from KEWLOX

This provision applies to all spare parts ordered on the site except for furniture where the Customer, via the KEWLOX® Furniture Configurator, determines each of the component parts, so that this furniture will become unique by its height, width, depth, number of sections, types of sections, colour of each of the panels and doors, colour of the bases.

« In this case, as this is the supply of goods made to the Customer's specifications or clearly personalised or which, due to typology cannot be reshipped or are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly, the following is clearly understood: the Customer does not have the right to cancel the purchase.»  


KEWLOX is registered under number 003017032 HM with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (OPC-CBPL).

KEWLOX agrees not to use a Customer's personal data for the purposes of the contract signed by the Customer as part of the order, and to send the Customer information about K- STORE without commitment. KEWLOX treats personal data as confidential information and will not transmit, rent or sell it in any way to third parties. The Customer may access their data at any time, and can request correction. The Customer can refuse KEWLOX the right to use its data to send information. Simply make the request in writing.

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If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed invalid or declared invalid under any law or administrative provisions, or final judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force. Any invalid provision shall be replaced by KEWLOX.

Only Belgian law applies to all rights, obligations, offers, orders and contracts to which these conditions apply, as well as the terms and conditions herein. In case of dispute, only the courts of the district where the seller is established have jurisdiction. For any questions, please contact KEWLOX, which will attempt to respond as quickly as possible.