La Méridienne

Shannon Arena, a talented Belgian designer, settled in Barcelona over a decade ago and founded his agency, Le Sable Indigo. For him, design must combine functionality and comfort, without ever sacrificing style. This philosophy resonates in Kewlox furniture, whose simplicity allows for limitless customization while remaining a very sleek and timeless design. His encounter with the brand, although unexpected, quickly evolved from a specific quest for a project to a full embrace of the system for a multitude of uses.

"I am Belgian, a designer based in Barcelona for 11 years. With my studio, Le Sable Indigo, I was looking for an easy and customizable solution that allowed me to create furniture and space solutions with a clean and well-thought-out aesthetic. I discovered Kewlox furniture completely by chance, and it was truly love at first sight!"

In search of a versatile furniture solution for a project named "La Méridienne," she initially considered combining a desk, TV stand, and bench into a single unit to optimize the dining room space. However, the possibilities offered by Kewlox turned out to be much broader.

"For our project La Méridienne, we were initially looking for a low furniture solution that could combine a desk, TV stand, and bench into a single piece of furniture for the dining area. What we hadn't anticipated, however, was that we would ultimately use Kewlox for a shelf, entryway furniture, and a kitchen trolley!"

Shannon Arena,
Designer and owner Le Sable Indigo Interiors, Barcelona

Photos: The cafuné & CO

Every day, Shannon infuses his work with a passion for color and texture, though space and shape remain the pillars of his creative process. Kewlox furniture, having become essential in his designs, has enriched various projects, such as "Oasis" and "Ovalo."

"I have a great passion for color and texture, but space and form dominate the creative process. Design brings functionality and comfort, but style is just a step behind! Kewlox has now become indispensable for my studio."