Un rooftop moderniste et exotique

Attic Oasis, Barcelone

“We wanted to emphasize the typical modernist elements in the building throughout the interior design. Even though the flat is compact, the high ceilings and big windows add a spacious feel. To optimize the square meters, we immediately thought of Kewlox. The custom furniture items are perfect to divide a room in a smart, practical way. We also used the entire height of the space for optimal storage room. The Kewlox elements are not only handy, but also add a decorative touch at the same time.”

”I discovered Kewlox by luck a few years ago, and it’s been part of my interior practice ever since. I’m Blegian myself – I’ve been working and living in Barcelona for 11 years now – and It’s nice to bring an iconic Belgian brand with me. Because of its modularity and the many options, Kewlox is an ideal solution to create made-to-measure furniture in an efficient and easy way. I love the pure look and the well-conceived system, which also makes it fit in in different spaces and styles”

Shannon Arena Designer, owner Le Sable Indigo Interiors

Photos: The cafuné & CO